Evil Genius: Writing a Great Villain on January 26 and The Forbidden: Voice Over and Flashback on February 16

From the Wicked Witch of the West to Hannibal Lecter and the Joker, a great villain makes a film memorable forever.  Whether you're writing thrillers, dramas, action films, horrors, or comedies, creating a strong antagonist is vital.  This workshop will explore what great screen villains have in common and offer help on how to create one of your own. THE FORBIDDEN:  Voice Over and Flashbacks

The UCLA Film Department and most screenwriting books discourage the use of voice over and flashbacks.  I disagree.  Granted,  these are advanced techniques and can be awkward if used merely as cheap exposition, but  when used correctly they can be magic.   Think of SUNSET BOULEVARD, ADAPTATION, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN,  MICHAEL CLAYTON, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, WONDER BOYS, THE PRESTIGE,  BATMAN BEGINS, LA VIE EN ROSE,  ANNIE HALL,  A  ELECTION, MYSTIC RIVER, DOUBLE INDEMNITY,  etc.

Drawing on many of these examples, this workshop will break down various specific approaches to these screenwriting devices as well as suggesting when to use them and when not to.